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Below is a selection of my work prior to 2008, including webdesign, advertising, print, motion graphics, 3d modeling, logos, car design, team gear, product design and more.

Website for 2006 Formula Nippon Champion Benoît Treluyer
Concept, design, build.

Harmon Kardon Guide + Play
Promotional Microsite for a new Navigation device with video and Music. Concept, design, build.
guide + play.eu

2020 Multimedia corporate website
Flash build.

Andre Lotterer.com
Concept, design, build.

5CM Projector
Projects messenger contacts on the wall when they come online and flashes their names when they send a message.
Concept, development, 3d.

Fox racing ads
Concept, creative direction, layouts.

American Eagle Instore kiosc
Creative direction, layouts, flash animation.

Fox MX Gear 2005 Microsite
Concept, Creative direction.

Business as usual the movie website

Concept, creative direction, design, build.

Fox 2005 sportswear microsite
Concept, creative direction.

Heidelberg Microsite

Concept, 3d rendering, animation.
View quicktime animation here

Ads for Alpinestars
Design, production.

Marlboro bars and clubs website for Russia and Mexico
Creative direction, design, layout.

Articulate SF Website

Concept, creatve direction, 3d modeling, layouts.

Marlboro Motorsports
Designs for L.A.M.P.S

2005 Mr and Mrs Smith DVD Launch website
Creative direction, layouts, 3d, animation, some flash.

Marlboro racing Aerodynamics animations
design, 3d, animation,
View quicktime animation here

Fox deluxe Ads
Ads featured in Flaunt, Vice and Nylon magazines. Also served as Creative direction for spring/summer 2005 catalogues and website.

Marlboro After dark
design, 3d modeling and animation for the website.

Fuel 2.0 animation
Design, animation, modeling, Vray Rendering

Fox sportswear 2005 Spring/Summer catalogue
Creative direction, design, layouts.

Buffy the vampire slayer Chosen collection website
Design, 3d, animation, flash build.

Marlboro Motorsports
3d model background and page design

Motorola/Burton Extreme desktop

2005 La Primera Segnal website
Concept, design, layouts, flash build.

Alpinestars posters

Marlboro racing websites for Russia and Mexico
Creative direction, layouts, 3d modeling, animation.

Fox 2005 ASR San Diego stand design
Concept, creative direction, design and build for the 80ft sq booth and animations for plasma screens.

Alpinestars ads
Design, 3d.

Animation for Marlboro mexico
3d. Animation.
View quicktime animation here

Design, HTML/CSS coding, updating.

These images were created to appear on the front of alpinestars.com over the course of about a year. A new one every Monday.

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